Shoes are an important part of today’s fashion and style and are become fashion statement so Stylish Shoes for Women in 2012 are needed to be the best part of . There are three main things that are to be kept in your mind about shoes, Comfort, seasons and fashion!
  • Firstly, you will have to pick the shoes that are much comfortable for you. Because, if your shoes are trendy and stylish but are not comfortable, then there is much difficulty for you. So, always concentrate upon the comfort and ease. The shoes that are easy to walk, are comfortable for you in every sense.
  • Secondly, seasons have much role in getting your whole outfit including your shoes. Winter/fall season needs covered shoes to be worn,in which your feet remain covered. Summer shoes are very hard to be worn in winter. So,always keep in mind the right choosing according to the seasons.
  • Thirdly, here comes fashion and style, the most important aspect! Your own choice and preferences are not separate from style! The designs and types of shoes are bought according to the fashion usually. And the running designs are always available in markets for you. You just keep in mind that what is in, now a days. And what thing do you like the most to use! If your shoes are according to the recent fashion, you can have a personality that is called stylish!
Occasions are the next important aspect to be pondered upon. While going on parties,dinners and other formal occasions,you need a pair of shoes that is trendy,stylish,comfortable and formal also. In daily routine, you need casual shoes to be worn. In office or other work places,you need formal shoes. In schools,colleges,universities and other institutes, you can use the boots etc. So,if you know that what kind of shoes should be worn on what kind of occasion,then you can have great looks overall!
You should always pick a pair of shoes that should match to your clothing or othe accessories. So,your wardrobe and the collection of shoes should be in accordance! In this sense,the designs and colours of the shoes come in mind. So,the colours and designs should be so, that your whole outfit look like an awesome dressing! That is the way you can show trendy, fashionable and gorgeous looks overall.
Different colours and materials are used to make shoes. Grey, black, brown, golden, silver and whites are very common. And all these colours look very trendy alongwith every kind of dressing. There are other so many colours that are matched usually with the dressing or accessories. If you match your shoes with your jewelry, you will definitely give great looks!
If your foot shape is so, that it is much narrower or wider than the normal ones, then you can have difficulties while buying shoes for your fit. Always try shoes in your both feet while buying because your both feet are not of the same size exactly.
There are so many types of shoes like sneakers, loafers, sandals, joggers, boots, pumps, flattened heel shoes, low heel shoes, mid heel shoes and high heel shoes. High heels include 5-6 inch heels in them. These are very stylish pairs of shoes. Stilettoes are the shoes that are the most popular among g
irls that are much fashionable. Stilettoes have high heels and mostly models use this kind in ramp walk. Other girls also like to use them. Pumps are also very popular kind of shoes that are worn throughout the world.
Statement shoes are another kind that is related to some very unique kind of shoes. This kind of shoes always get some statement on them,that is why,these are called as statement shoes. A wide range of shoes’ kind is available and used all over the world. Style is incomplete withoutstylish shoes for women.

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