Luca Luca Spring/Summer Ready-to-wear New York


After seeing some of the most extraordinary work in LondonMilan and ParisNew York Fashion Week just seems dull. Luca Luca used to be one of those interesting houses for me – fresh and innovative. That was back in 2010 though, when Milan-born designer Luca Orlandi was still in the house. Well… Nowadays, presence-wise, the American label just feels weak and I can see why from this collection.

Luca Luca‘s Spring/Summer 2012 Collection is in all ways beautiful and in trend with this season and I am sure that will satisfy certain customers, who enjoys its understated timeless-yet-modern style. However, I do not really see the extra something that propels it to be an “it” collection.

 Creative director Raul Melgoza worked a floral motif as well as dreamy ruffles into the collection – adding a touch of lightness and romance to the palette. However, that all feels like a Déjà Vu. Even the glamorous red carpet dresses at the finalé feels like a territory visited many times before, making it lack the power to be unforgettable.
The most praise-worthy piece is perhaps the strapless jumpsuit with this season’s prominent print, as worn by Ukrainian model Nataliya Gotsii. Well… At least, it’s something kind of new. Nonetheless, against all odds, I have a strong feeling that some of these could end up on the red carpet. Well… We’ll see!

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