Katherine Webb Creates Disaster


Katherine Webb Creates Disaster As She Practices Diving

It was her impressive curves that thrust her into the limelight. And Miss Alabama Katherine Webb is obviously making sure they feature prominently in her new reality show Splash. The 23-year-old risked falling out of her bathing suit on Thursday as she took to the pool for more training. 
The pageant queen was seen in Los Angeles, California doing her preparations for the TV show Splash in which celebrities compete against each other in the water.

 The brunette began her session with perfect hair which tumbled to the side in waves as she performed her stretches. Alabama American football quarterback A.J. McCarron's girlfriend, even wore black and white shorts over her swimming costume but was in danger of showing too much of her derriere as she bent over to limber up her muscles.

However, it wasn’t long before her groomed appearance was squandered as she jumped into the water with great technique. 

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