Sexy Imogen Thomas In Rain


Imogen Thomas Gets Caught In Rain Looking Funny And Sexy

Imogen Thomas seems to be the only one in the country enjoying the bad weather. The former Big Brother star seized the opportunity to have her photograph taken as the heavens opened over London and she was caught in a torrential downpour. Dressed in just a flimsy white vest and red bra,
it took mere nanoseconds for her top to turn transparent in the soaking wet conditions - meaning her rather ample chest was visible. It's not as if Imogen got caught short with a surprise change in the forecast, as the April showers have been ruling the skies for several days, constantly alternating between sunshine and rain. The pretty brunette may have been having second thoughts about venturing out without an umbrella or hooded jacket after her hair got soaked and she tweeted: 'Rain do 1....#thanks.' It seems it wasn't exactly the 29-year-old's lucky day after she failed to receive some goodies in the post before her holiday tomorrow, which led Imogen to criticise Next for their services. After waking up, she wrote: 'Morningggggg :-) gym then to pick up some last min stuff b4 for my shoot! I hope my delivery comes or can't shoot! Mauritius monday yess ☀ x'

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