Do You Think Justin Can Carry Selena


Do You Think Justin Can Carry Selena Gomez Off her Feet

He might be a heartthrob but Justin Bieber is no muscle man. So the Canadian teen singer might well be slightly envious of a strapping young man who swept his girlfriend off her feet yesterday. Selena Gomez was celebrating Ashley Tisdale's birthday at the beach in Malibu when a hunky young man picked up up high into the air. 
Bieber's squeeze, who is currently making the shift from Wizards of Waverly Place innocence to Spring Breakers debauchery, was seen frolicking on the sands with the male companion. Her friend heaved her onto his shoulder to give her a fireman's lift into the sea. But the pretty 19-year-old clearly didn't want to soak her locks prior to the evening's festivities, and quickly scarpered back out of the water. With Justin's slim frame he might well not be able to carry his girlfriend in such a fashion. And he wasn't at the bash to take up the challenge either. While Justin was absent from the party Vanessa Hudgens brought along her own beau Austin Butler.

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