Imogen Thomas Takes A Barclay Bike


Imogen Thomas Takes A Barclay Bike For Shopping Trip

Letting the horse eat her bottom, taking a clothing free dip in the pool, doing some recyclying in spain, Imogen Thomas is now again hitting us with her new buzz making stunt. We caught her while she was trying to figure out the Barclays' rent bike.

I am sure she is not a kind of person who is very down to earth and even after having 3 luxury cars in her parking including a Bentley given by an Italian lover last month, bothers to take a Barclay bike for shopping trip. She was clearly trying to make a news and of course she made it.

Imogen was wearing a tight jeans and light blue t-shirt which exactly reads "I am on a drug It's called Charlie Sheen" another proof how much she is in love with Charlie Sheen.

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