For A Natural Make Up Simple Steps


For a Natural make up:We apply a Black eye pencil (khol me black 01) just at the base of the eyelashes so as to create a strong structure. Than with a brush we blend the black mark on the entire eyelid.
Than use an Eye shadow 501, specifically we use the light pink color, and we apply it on the entire eyelid so as to create a perfect daytime look.We use the Eye shadow 501, specifically the purple color, and apply it more at the end of the eye leaving the eyelid closer to the nose untouched as it is yet covered with the light pink color.By adding some gloss on the lips and mascara on the eyelashes we obtain a sophisticated but still daytime look.-For night time make up follow these steps:
We strongly mark with a Black eye pencil (khol me black 01) the lines already drawn on the eyelids and immediately under the bottom eyelashes (without marking inside the eyes) and soften the marks with a brush in such a way to create an intense strong look.We take the darkest color of the color pallet of the Eye shadow 501, and apply it on the entire eyelid. Hence at the end blend it all together so as to create a unique pattern.

To finalize the look we use the black mascara Cil D’infer on both the upper and bottom eyelashes and a lipstick on the lips (we chose Rouge automatique 601)We use a blush to bring some light (we used Meteorites perles du paradis): put it more on the center of the face to give some light.Than use some Terracotta to sculpture the face and to bring some tend to the skin (we chose Terracotta Four Season 02 naturel blondes)

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